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Being Successful

When I look around, I usually see all types of people around me: some of them are successful in what they do (they aren’t usually that many of them), while some of them are not wealthy or triumphant in their lives at all. Why does it happen that some people know how to succeed in life while so many people fail in their lives without achieving any success? It seems that they are missing something very important in their lives, something they might not know about.

I have always believed that I can only be good in a few things in my life. I have always wanted to have a successful marriage and obedient, happy kids. I also wanted to dedicate my time to my career, but I never wanted it to be more important to me than my family. If you came to my house and saw how my family looks like, you would probably call it a successful family. The reason I believe that my family and I are a successful family is that we spend plenty of time together because we like being with each other. To me, being successful means that my family members love me and like spending their time with me.

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Is It Easy to Become a Movie Star?

There was a time in my life when I wanted to become an actor. I abandoned that dream long time ago after graduating from university and after I got my first real job. I guess sometimes when you get your first job and you get paid for what you do you might forget about your dreams you used to have in the past.

I am sure that many people like me used to dream about becoming a movie star when they were younger but then somehow they forgot about it and decided to do something else instead. Why did it happen? Why did I forget how much I wanted to become a movie star? I have to admit that I have no idea what really happened and why I ended up doing what I am doing right now.

I believe that it is never too late for participating in some movie auditions. In the film industry, there is always a need for people from all walks of life and for people of all ages. Maybe it does not matter that I am not going to be the youngest candidate for a movie star out there?

Do I have the talent to become an actor? I am not sure, but I do not worry about it. The most important thing is to like what you do. Since I like acting and I am dedicated to it every time I get a chance to do it, it might mean that I am good in it. I have some experience acting. My church drama group was pretty active many years ago when we visited other churches to perform. Even though it was already many years ago, I believe that I might still have the enthusiasm for acting that would allow me to become a movie star and contribute to the production of a movie that many people around the world are going to watch.

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Watching Streaming Videos

I enjoy watching streaming videos online and I believe that is because there are so many out there. The thing to keep in mind is that most of such videos are made by regular people, rather than large corporations. Even though a typical person does not have a large budget in order to make a video, those videos are still very entertaining. I bet that many large corporations might be scratching their head wondering how come some videos are so popular. Videos uploaded by people seem very real and maybe that is why they are so attractive. Maybe I should go and watch a few videos right now to try to figure out what makes them so addicting.

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Playing Chess With Others

There are many games out there and one of the oldest games is chess. It is a game that these days can be played online. It can be played against artificial intelligence or against other people. What I like about the possibility of playing online games such as chess is that you can meet some interesting people while enjoying your favorite game. Of course, chess is not the only game out there and you can practically play anything online and usually it is free. That is why if you never played an online game, then perhaps you should consider giving it a try and see whether you would enjoy it.

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