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Spelling and Grammar

Those who write many articles know that spelling and grammar is important. Those who need some help with spelling and grammar may be interested to know that Microsoft Word has this great feature called ‘Spelling and Grammar’ that can help a lot those who want to write quality posts. You can get to ‘Spelling and Grammar’ options by either hitting F7 on your keyboard or by going to Tools on the upper menu and selecting Spelling and Grammar option. In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box you will see that the window is divided in two parts: ‘Not in Dictionary’ and ‘Suggestion’. Microsoft will one by one show the errors you have made and will suggest a solution. To correct your mistake, simply choose the suggestion from the list (by left clicking on it), then go to the right part of the window and click on the Change button. After you do it, the Word will move to the next word or phrase where you made an error.

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Protecting Documents With a Password

Preventing other people from accessing your computer can be very important, especially if you are not the only person who uses your computer or if you have something that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. You can apply a password that will be required to open your documents in a few steps. Remember that there are two types of passwords: those required for opening a document and those required to make changes to a document after this document has already been opened. Now let’s move to the steps you have to take in order to apply your password.

First go to the File menu and select “Save As”. The “Tools” option will pop up and here choose “General Options” or “Security Options” You will see two possibilities: “Password to open” and “Password to modify”. Confirm your choice with “Ok” button. Microsoft will then ask you for another confirmation. Reenter your password again. You can enter the maximum of 15 characters in your password. Save what you have done already after the Save As dialog box pops up.

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Computer Mouse

A few months ago I ordered a so called silent mouse – a product of a Japanese company called Thanko. Even though I do not regret my decision because I had a chance to check this product out, to all of you who think about purchasing this mouse I would like to say beware! Yes, of course, my working environment got more quiet because the mouse does not produce any sounds, but at what cost! After a few weeks the buttons became unresponsive. It is very small and very fragile. The middle mouse button stopped working long time ago and the right mouse button stopped reacting to my commands a few months after I bought the mouse. The left mouse button is still working although barely and I expect every day that it will stop functioning eventually. Next time I will simply buy a regular mouse. I will not care if it makes any click sounds or not.

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Privacy on the Internet

Those who dislike the Internet, sometimes complain about the lack of privacy. Basically, a person can be identified on the Internet by his IP address. Depending on your Internet provider, your IP address may be changing each time you connect to the Internet or it may remain static. Websites can track your IP and know that you already visited their website before. Whenever you visit a website, chances are that that website is going to leave some traces on your computer such as cookies. There are ways to disable cookies, but most people are not going to do it. It is nothing that should make you panic, but it is simply something to keep in mind when browsing the Internet.

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Blogging Tips

From time to time I would like to give tips to bloggers and this time I would like to tell everyone that making backups is important. If you have a WordPress blog, then it is important that you backup your MySQL database and your blog files. You can backup your database by using some plugins or you can login to your hosting administrative area and manually make a backup. Personally, I recommend using a plugin as it is a lot easier. You may actually want to use a plugin that will automatically make daily backups. To backup your blog files you will need to login via FTP and download your WordPress installation.

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Leaving Comments

I am a blogger myself, but I also like to visit other blogs. I like to visit such sites because I always have some opportunity to contribute to the discussion. This can be done by leaving a comment to a blog post. When I think that I have something interesting to say, then I usually make sure that other people know about it. I am not going to leave a comment on all blog posts, but if some topic interests me, then there is a chance that I am going to have something to add to the discussion. Feel free to leave comments on my posts as that can lead to interesting discussions.

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As many other folks out there, I need to shop for groceries from time to time. Of course, I prefer it when the groceries I choose to shop for are as affordable as it is possible. I like to eat tasty food, but I also like it to be able to buy my food at a good price. One way to accomplish this is to find good deals on food. This will probably take me some time as there are many places I can think of where I could shop.

If you know of a good place where shopping for groceries with is possible, please let me know. I would be willing to hear about all your experiences of shopping for food so that I too could benefit from them as much as possible. I do not want to be the only one who cannot shop for food online.

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Is Identitify Theft a Real Thing?

I do not know if somebody has ever stolen your identity, but if it never happened to you, chances are that it is going to occur one day. I do not mean to sound pessimistic or something by saying that it can happen to you one day. All I want to say is that I have a realistic approach to the topic of identity theft and I am planning to keep it that way.

Even though I have never fallen prey to any identity theft, I want to be prepared in case somebody tries to steal who I am one day. I am not sure what to do about it as the Internet is full of info concerning protecting your identity. My task here is to find the best possible way to protect my identity as well as the identity of all my family members. Being realistic, I simply know that it can be done without problems. All I am going to need to do is to simply find ways to make that happen, which hopefully is not going to be a problem.

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Is It Easy to Become a Movie Star?

There was a time in my life when I wanted to become an actor. I abandoned that dream long time ago after graduating from university and after I got my first real job. I guess sometimes when you get your first job and you get paid for what you do you might forget about your dreams you used to have in the past.

I am sure that many people like me used to dream about becoming a movie star when they were younger but then somehow they forgot about it and decided to do something else instead. Why did it happen? Why did I forget how much I wanted to become a movie star? I have to admit that I have no idea what really happened and why I ended up doing what I am doing right now.

I believe that it is never too late for participating in some movie auditions. In the film industry, there is always a need for people from all walks of life and for people of all ages. Maybe it does not matter that I am not going to be the youngest candidate for a movie star out there?

Do I have the talent to become an actor? I am not sure, but I do not worry about it. The most important thing is to like what you do. Since I like acting and I am dedicated to it every time I get a chance to do it, it might mean that I am good in it. I have some experience acting. My church drama group was pretty active many years ago when we visited other churches to perform. Even though it was already many years ago, I believe that I might still have the enthusiasm for acting that would allow me to become a movie star and contribute to the production of a movie that many people around the world are going to watch.

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Watching Streaming Videos

I enjoy watching streaming videos online and I believe that is because there are so many out there. The thing to keep in mind is that most of such videos are made by regular people, rather than large corporations. Even though a typical person does not have a large budget in order to make a video, those videos are still very entertaining. I bet that many large corporations might be scratching their head wondering how come some videos are so popular. Videos uploaded by people seem very real and maybe that is why they are so attractive. Maybe I should go and watch a few videos right now to try to figure out what makes them so addicting.

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