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Starting a Blog

If you have been considering starting a blog, but you think it is too difficult, then let me tell you that starting a blog can be easier than it sounds. If you never had a website, then naturally you may be a bit anxious about starting a blog. However, you just need to do a few things to start a blog. If you want to host your blog on your own domain, then you will need to register a website and buy hosting for it. Once you do that, many hosting companies offer tools to install a blogging platform such as WordPress through a friendly Web-based interface.

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Spelling and Grammar

Those who write many articles know that spelling and grammar is important. Those who need some help with spelling and grammar may be interested to know that Microsoft Word has this great feature called ‘Spelling and Grammar’ that can help a lot those who want to write quality posts. You can get to ‘Spelling and Grammar’ options by either hitting F7 on your keyboard or by going to Tools on the upper menu and selecting Spelling and Grammar option. In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box you will see that the window is divided in two parts: ‘Not in Dictionary’ and ‘Suggestion’. Microsoft will one by one show the errors you have made and will suggest a solution. To correct your mistake, simply choose the suggestion from the list (by left clicking on it), then go to the right part of the window and click on the Change button. After you do it, the Word will move to the next word or phrase where you made an error.

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Blogging Tips

From time to time I would like to give tips to bloggers and this time I would like to tell everyone that making backups is important. If you have a WordPress blog, then it is important that you backup your MySQL database and your blog files. You can backup your database by using some plugins or you can login to your hosting administrative area and manually make a backup. Personally, I recommend using a plugin as it is a lot easier. You may actually want to use a plugin that will automatically make daily backups. To backup your blog files you will need to login via FTP and download your WordPress installation.

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Leaving Comments

I am a blogger myself, but I also like to visit other blogs. I like to visit such sites because I always have some opportunity to contribute to the discussion. This can be done by leaving a comment to a blog post. When I think that I have something interesting to say, then I usually make sure that other people know about it. I am not going to leave a comment on all blog posts, but if some topic interests me, then there is a chance that I am going to have something to add to the discussion. Feel free to leave comments on my posts as that can lead to interesting discussions.

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There are some bloggers out there that have a few blogs. That is a good idea, although it is only going to work out if a person has enough time to take care of all of his blogs. Each blog requires new entries from time to time and people are going to stop visiting a blog that does not any any new posts. Having a blog also requires dedicating some time to setting up hosting properly as from time to time something might stop working. A responsible blogger is also going to take care of spam and ensure that his website is secure. Overall, it can take quite a bit of time taking care of a blog.

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Excited About Blogging

Welcome to my first and surely not the last post on my blog. I was encouraged today to start this blog and I am very excited about it. I have many interests and they include cars, Internet, and blogging. My posts will focus on such subjects. I these topics very interesting as I myself spent already many hours reading other people’s blogs on those subjects. I found the other blogs to be inspiring, so I also hope that the content of my blog will be an inspiration to my readers.

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