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Bronco is coming – Say Goodbye To Haters

The year 2015 has ended and so far no sign of the new Ford Bronco. And what about 2016? Are we going to see the brand new New 2016 Ford Bronco? I certainly hope so as the new year has just began. there are many things that can still happen this year, and the release of this famous (or infamous) car should definitely be one of them.

Many people await the expected release of the make of the car. It will probably be announced during this year’s Detroit Car Show, so while there is no date set in stone yet, we can all speculate that the car will appear on the market in the second half of 2016.

There is a lot of speculation about the release date, and the same applies to the price.

Now I would like to talk for a while about the engine of the new Ford Bronco 2016. The engine we are all expecting is the updated model of its 2004 predecessor, but with more horsepower this time. In 2004, Ford released their model with a 2.0 L intercooled turbodiesel V4, but I guess this won’t be good enough this time. I am really glad that this is the case, because in 2016 we can expect something better due to the growing progress in technology. Increased fuel efficiency would definitely be a plus and hopefully Ford will go in this direction this time.

Are you excited about the new model of Ford Bronco? With no release date yet nor its price, it might be difficult to plan what car you are going to buy, but I know that many people out there already started saving up their hard-earned money to be able to buy this car. After all, the car is no longer infamous due to the events related to O.J.Simpson back in the 1990’s, but even if it is, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all.

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How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Kids

Once you have little ones, it becomes an uphill battle to keep your home and your vehicle in as clean a state as possible. Even right after you clean your car, it only takes one short ride with a couple of little messy human tornados to turn it into a disaster zone again. From cookie crumbs to sticky juice to finger prints on the windows and much more – your kids will make it difficult to keep your car in a presentable state. It’s really quite amazing how they can turn even the simplest thing into an enormous mess.

However, all is not lost and there are still things that you can do in order to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Use an Organiser in Your Car

It can make a world of difference if you have an organiser in your car –as these little tools will help to keep your child’s toys and accessories from getting strewn all over the floor. You won’t have to be searching through the car for that special toy and everything will be organised and clutter free. There are many different types of organisers that are specifically designed for vehicles – so take a look at your options.

Keep Snacks in Containers

There are special containers that you can buy which will keep those snacks such as French Fries and Wotsits from spilling out all over the floor. This is very helpful, because often these snacks will get crushed and turn into crumbs and dust that is terribly difficult to clean.

Have a Rubbish Bin

Keep a bin bag in your car at all times that you can use to collect rubbish, so that it doesn’t build up on the floor or under the seats. When the bag becomes full you can dump it out in the rubbish at a petrol station and replace it with an empty bag.

Keep Some Wipes Handy

A packet of wipes is a very helpful thing to keep in your car, so that you can clean the dash, the doors, the glove compartment and any other surfaces in the car. Also, when your little ones have sticky hands you can clean them up before they touch anything.

Take it To the Car Wash

When you have a lot of dirt and grime on the car’s exterior, it can scratch and damage the paint – so make sure that you take your vehicle to the car wash on a regular basis. Bring your kids with you, as they will love the thrill of going through the car wash and seeing the big sprayers and scrubbers engulf the car in suds.

Use Boot Protectors

Don’t forget to protect the boot of your vehicle as well! When you have little kids you end up transporting a range of very messy things, including muddy boots, pets, leaky science projects, art supplies, camping gear and much more. You can avoid staining the interior of your boot by using a boot protector. There are many different styles of hatchbag boot protectors and they are designed to fit your boot and offer complete protection from any messes. You can even choose boot liners that are designed to fit your particular model of vehicle, from BMW Boot Liners to Ford Boot Liners and many more.

Do a Little Bit Every Day

If you leave the mess to build up in your car over a number of days, you’ll have a very big clean up job to face. To keep it manageable, do something small every day to keep your car clean and maintained. It might be emptying the rubbish bin, wiping down the console and door handles, vacuuming the seats or washing the windows – but if you do something every day you will keep your car in great shape.

When you have kids your vehicle can turn into a rolling rubbish heap – but it doesn’t have to. With these tips in mind you can keep your car as tidy and organised as possible. If you have found other solutions for keeping your car clean with little kids, feel free to share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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New Accessories

When you need something such as locking straps, where is the first place you tend to go to? Is the Internet the way to go? It is definitely in my case as I like to use the Internet to buy almost everything under the Sun including the mentioned above locking straps. I am sure that such accessories are going to come in handy when I need them.

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Should You Sell Your Car Online?

When you upgrade to a better car and no longer drive your old one, you might consider selling it. Some people are leery about trading in their cars to local dealerships because they know that they won’t get the full value. Those dealerships will often give you less than the book value of your car, and even if it has low mileage and is in near perfect condition, you probably won’t get as much as if you sold the car yourself. Selling your car online may have some big advantages over listing it in the paper, but there are some clear times when selling it online is a better choice.

You Can Get it Checked Out

The best time to sell your car online is when you can get it checked out by a qualified mechanic first. When you take your vehicle to a Meineke car care center or a similar shop, you can get a certificate that shows the vehicle is in good shape. The best mechanics will also give you information regarding what is wrong with your car and help you make minor repairs before listing it online. This lets you show prospective buyers that your car will work for them.

You Have a Solid Internet Connection

If you have a poor Internet signal that goes out regularly, don’t even think about listing your car online. The same holds true for those who cannot answer emails throughout the day. Buyers looking online want answers to their questions as quickly as possible. Taking even a few hours to respond may result in them moving on and looking at other cars. It’s helpful to have access to your email address or that you carry your phone with you to check on emails from buyers throughout the day.

You Have Access to a Good Camera

When you list your car for sale in the local newspaper, you can write a short description and ask buyers to call you for more details. When you list the same car online, you should include multiple images of that vehicle. Buyers looking online may scroll right by listings that do not contain pictures. A good camera lets you take and list photographs of any damage to the body, the engine and even what the interior looks like. Listing your car online may get you more attention from buyers and get your car sold fast.

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Reevuze Guide to Car Leasing

It’s not surprising that most people don’t understand how car leasing works in the UK. Although it’s an established practice in the USA, it has become available in the UK only in the last few years. However, it’s not something that is generally offered through high street car dealerships, but it can mostly be found offered online.

Read on to discover what you need to know about car leasing.

There are two types of car leasing agreements. Personal car hire agreement is purely based around hiring a car. For example, at the end of the term, you will be expected to return the car. However, personal contract purchase – PCP is the option where you can keep the car when the term completes.

What most people find appealing about personal car leasing is that in the long term it can work our far less costly than it would to take a loan to buy a car. This means that you have more leeway with choice, as your budget will go further so that you can get a car that you really want as opposed to just getting the car that you can afford.

You’ll find that both road tax and maintenance (depending on which package you opt for) will be included as part of the monthly lease agreement price.

To put it simply, it’s possible to enjoy a new car every 2 years for a highly competitive amount that you pay per price. You’ll have access to the best fuel economy in addition to the comfort and the best technology that comes with a new car, without needing to worry about selling it for a lot less than you bought it for.

You may also want to enjoy using the optional maintenance package that will cover new tyres, service and MOT. You can read more at

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How We Choose New Full Size SUV

These days, a friend of mine had to make a serious choice. He had to choose which one full-size vehicle he will buy. Since we are good friends, he asked me to help him in the election. When I say “yes” I didn’t know how this task will be difficult. On the USA market there are many great vehicles on offer and it is not easy to choose the best.
The reason why he wanted to choose a really big vehicle is easy. Mark himself is a big man and he needs a lot of place as a driver. Another reason is the fact that he has 4 children. So, a vehicle that he wants to choose must be with at least 6 seats. When we start from these facts, it automatically reduces the number of available cars. It is also important to note that my friend Mark don’t like minivan vehicles. Thus, the remaining vehicles are full-size SUV and truck models. Having pointed out that vehicle should have elegant look, we decided to leave the truck model for another time.

How we make decision

When we came to this reduced set of vehicles, the choice boiled down to the following models: Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Sequoia, GMC Yukon and Honda Pilot. Data for this decision was collected from various sources, for example for Toyota Sequoia we picked up from new Sequoia website.
We have made a table with a series of parameters that are important when choosing vehicles. In this occasion I will enumerate only a few: maximum speed, displacement, towing capacity, interior, security, external appearance, MSRP prices. As you’ll notice, some of the categories are very subjective in nature and can’t be easily expressed. The fact that a vehicle is a beautiful for someone does not mean that it will be nice to the other person. For this reason, this grading system has highly subjective character. Each of these vehicles has had its good and bad sides. For example, if we were choosing vehicles with a maximum speed that it can develop, winning SUV would be Honda Pilot. Chevrolet Suburban was untouchable when it comes to towing capacity. In short, each vehicle was gaining a rating from 1 to 5 for each of these categories. The end result was as follows:

32 Toyota Sequoia
31 Chevrolet Suburban
30 Honda Pilot
28 GMC Yukon

The answer on the question “Which vehicle my friend Mark had bought” was simple: The new Toyota Sequoia. Especially it is important the fact that this car is constantly experiencing new redesign. The current version is for 2016, and will be focused on the redesign and will not be completely new generation of vehicles. What has made the difference with this vehicle is an excellent price-quality ratio. According to all parameters, the choice of the new Sequoia is profitable for someone who has a large family and often go on tourist trips and weekend breaks.

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