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Electric Cars and Safety

Experts on technology issues are waiting in anticipation for electric cars to become more popular. Electric cars are a new generation of cars, which derive electric power from their batteries, instead of using an internal combustion engine like traditional cars. While it may seem that electric cars are something new, people who lived 100 years ago already had electric cars, and Thomas Edison was one of them. While electric cars are environmental friendly, they also have some problems and this includes the fact that they are dangerous to pedestrians. That is because electric cars are silent, and while this is often regarded as an advantage, they have a potential of becoming silent killers. It does not mean we should not use electric cars at all, but perhaps they should emit some kind of sound that would warn people that cars are driving by. It could be something similar to the sound of engine, but it should be different, as regular cars are definitely too noisy and often have an annoying sound according to many people. Anyway, most experts predict that electric cars will gain popularity in the future because they are eco-friendly. Would you replace your car with an electric one?

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Clutch replacement in cars

If you are a car owner, and most of you my readers are, you probably know that your clutch is not going to last forever. What is more, most of us owning a manual car are guilty of overusing the clutch, which leads to clutch failure and usually has to result in clutch replacement. We all need to remember that a manual car won’t drive with a malfunctioning clutch and it should be addressed as early as possible to avoid further damage to the car.

Due to the complicated nature of the clutch system itself, the repair is best left in the hands of qualified mechanics. Unless you are one yourself, you will need to go to your local garage for your clutch replacement where the problem of your clutch should be addressed immediately.

If you suspect that something might be wrong with the clutch, but your car still drives, it is always to address the problem as early as possible before your car stops working completely. If you can take your vehicle to your garage you will be able to save tons of money this way. Clutch problems can be easily avoided with regular maintenance, regular check-ups and proper use of the clutch, something that might not be that natural to us. If you are tempted to wait at a junction or roundabout at the biting point, you might want to rethink your strategy especially if it takes you a long time to join the traffic and you stay on the clutch for too long. It is often better to simply put your handbrake on, clutch down, wait for a gap in the traffic and then quickly find the biting point and move off.

I hope that in this article I was able to shed some light on all possible problems you can encounter while using the clutch in your car. In case you have any doubts, you might want to contact your local garage and allow them to carry out an inspection that can reveal whether there is a problem with your clutch or whether there is something else that might be causing your car to malfunction.

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Installing Your Own GPS

Тhеrе аrе mаnу rеаsоns whу оnе mіght wаnt tо іnstаll а саr trасkіng sуstеm in their vehicle. Араrt frоm thе usuаl trасkіng рurроsеs, іt саn аlsо bе usеd аs аn аntі-thеft dеvісе. Іt саn аlsо bе usеd tо mоnіtоr а раrtісulаr drіvеr аnd hіs drіvіng hаbіts. GРЅ dеvісеs hаvе mаnу рrоfеssіоnаl рurроsеs аs wеll. Іn busіnеssеs lіkе саrgо dеlіvеrу, саr rеntаl оr аmbulаnсе sеrvісе, thеsе dеvісеs аrе іndіsреnsаblе.

Whаtеvеr mіght thе рurроsе bе, thеsе dеvісеs wоrk flаwlеsslу аnd аrе асtuаllу еаsу tо іnstаll аs wеll. Оnсе іnstаllеd, thеsе dеvісеs wоrk wіth thе glоbаl роsіtіоnіng sуstеm sо thеу саn dеlіvеr rеаl-tіmе lосаtіоn оf thе vеhісlе аlwауs. Тhе dіrесtіоn оf mоvеmеnt, thе sрееd аnd оf соursе, thе lосаtіоn саn bе knоwn rеmоtеlу. Тhе tесhnоlоgу hаs rеасhеd suсh hеіghts thаt thеsе dеvісеs саn аlsо tеll оf thе tіmе sреnt hаltіng аt dіffеrеnt lосаtіоns. Оnе саn еvеn орt fоr gео-fеnсіng whеrе thе аlаrm wіll bе асtіvаtеd оnсе thе саr vеnturеs оutsіdе thе рrеdеfіnеd rоutе. Аll thеsе dаtа саn аlsо bе stоrеd іn а сеntrаl dаtаbаsе fоr futurе rеfеrеnсе.

Соmіng tо thе іnstаllіng оf suсh dеvісеs tо уоur саr, fіrst thіng уоu nееd іs tо fіnd а роwеr sоurсе fоr thоsе. Тhеrе аrе twо wауs tо рrоvіdе роwеr tо thеsе dеvісеs. Оnе саn usе dеdісаtеd bаttеrіеs tо роwеr іt, оr оnе саn аlsо fееd іt frоm thе bаttеrу оf thе саr. Іf уоu wаnt thе sесоnd орtіоn, уоu nееd tо gо tо а рrоfеssіоnаl. Ноwеvеr, іf usіng dеdісаtеd роwеr sоurсе, іt іs vеrу еаsу tо іnstаll аnd аnуоnе саn dо іt. Yоu nееd tо buу thе dеvісе, аnd аlsо а mаgnеt-рrооf аnd wеаthеr-рrооf саsе tо hоusе іt.
Νоw роwеr thе dеvісе usіng thе bаttеrу сеll аnd рut thе асtіvе dеvісе іntо thе саsе. Рut thе саsе sоmеwhеrе whеrе іt wіll nоt bе sееn еаsіlу. Νехt stер іs tо tеst thе dеvісе.

Оnсе уоu hаvе рut thе саsе іntо а sаfе аnd hіddеn аrеа оf thе саr, tаkе thе саr оut аnd drіvе fоr а whіlе. Νоtе thе lосаtіоn, thе sрееd, thе dіrесtіоn аnd thе hаlt tіmіngs mаnuаllу. Аftеr thе drіvе, сhесk іf thе саsе іs sаfе аnd sесurе whеrе уоu рut іt. Νоw usе thе соmрutеr аnd сhесk thе dаtа соllесtеd bу thе dеvісе. Соmраrе іt аgаіnst уоur mаnuаl nоtеs. Іf еvеrуthіng mаtсhеs, уоu hаvе suссеssfullу іnstаllеd а GРЅ dеvісе уоursеlf. Іf nоt, уоu bеttеr соnsult а рrоfеssіоnаl. Аlsо, kеер а nоtе аbоut thе bаttеrу sо уоu dоn’t run оut оf роwеr.

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How to react when encountering a broken traffic signal

As much as they may annoy us and seemingly slow down our journeys, traffic lights are in place for good reason. The red light actually helps us steer clear of long traffic queues and aid us on busy dual carriageways and roundabouts. Sometimes however, these lights can malfunction, causing a significant danger to road users – in such situations, it’s important that drivers know how to react and deal with the situation calmly.

Data shows that this situation is more common than people think – in Merseyside alone there were 120 road accidents caused from 2010-2016 as a direct result of faulty lights. In Surrey, this number was even higher, with 140 accidents caused. A traffic light can fail for a number of reasons, but most broken lights stem from a faulty electric connection. This article aims to explore what drivers should do if they encounter a broken traffic signal, so that they can make informed, safe and smart decisions if the situation ever arises.

Safe driving

If you are driving and realise that you are approaching a faulty light, the best thing to do is to bring the car to a stop and treat it as though you are approaching a red light. Then, it’s important to follow the right-of-way laws. The Highway Code states that you should treat the situation in the same way you would an unmarked junction and proceed with great care. The will help to ensure both you and your fellow road users can carry on your journeys safely.

Safe judgement

Using your common sense in a situation like this is key. In an article on the BBC, Vince Yearly of the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “It’s a tricky one because the absolute copper-bottom rule is that the red light must be obeyed. However, if you’ve been sitting there for a few minutes and it’s become fairly obvious the lights aren’t changing then you’ve got to reconsider.

“So, if you can see ahead of you quite clearly and ideally see the other set of lights or the back of them, I would lower my window a little to hear if there’s anything moving in your vicinity. Then put your lights on and very tentatively and cautiously start to make your way forward.”

Although Yearly does admit that his answer isn’t scientific, it has been advised that you should wait for at least four minutes before deciding to move on.

Who to contact

As soon as you have a safe opportunity, it’s important to contact the local authorities to report the broken traffic signal. The reason these signals are in place are to stop traffic where it may not have originally stopped, so if they aren’t working, chances are that people won’t stop. This can be extremely dangerous, so it’s important that the those who take care of the roads know about any issues. You can contact your local authorities to inform them about your discovering by telephone or online alternatives.

Malfunctioning traffic lights not only slow down our journeys, they also represent a significant danger to all drivers, leading to increased risk of accident and traffic build up. With so many cars on the roads nowadays, it’s best to report problems as soon as you can – following these steps will help to limit any disruption and keep you safe on your journeys.










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How to Clean Car Interiors

I have read numerous articles telling me how to wash my car from the outside, but when I wanted to learn how to do it from the inside, I started having problems finding suitable information. This is probably one of the reasons I decided to write an article on the topic myself to help others with it. Here are some tips that I consider important in while taking care of the interior of my car:

1. Vacuum your car regularly. By doing so, you remove all the dust from your car. The air in your vehicle will be definitely fresher, and it will allow you to to breathe easily.

2. Ventilate your car on a regular basis. I know from experience that actually few people do that. Most people might not have proper conditions to do so due to lack of a garden or garage, but since I have my own garden, I like to open my car doors once in a while to allow some fresh air to get into it.

3. Take care of your carpets. Pull them out once in a while and give them a good clean in your garden, or in front of your flat. There is tons of dust gathering on your car carpet, so it is best to get rid of such things on a regular basis.

4. Always have a plastic bag in your car to collect all sorts of garbage. Kids like to throw all kinds of things all around such as candy wraps or tit-bits. I know that adults do it too.

5. Remove stains from the seats and carpets as soon as they appear. It is of utmost importance to deal with stains as soon as the happen to ensure that they are always removed as fast as possible. The longer a stain stays on a seat or carpet, the higher the chances that it is going to stay there forever.

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Why Buy Alloy Wheels

I know several people who are proud owners of alloy wheels. I have to say that I completely understand them and I am myself considering upgrading my set of wheels to something called alloy wheels that can come in the form of second hand alloy wheels. Here are some benefits of having alloy wheels including bmw alloy wheels:

1. They will make your car look sportier. Yes, this is true and this is probably one of the biggest reasons people buy them and I can definitely support that. After all, there is nothing wrong about wanting to upgrade your ride the way you want it.
2. Your car will be easier to handle and you will see the difference while driving. What better way to add to your confidence as a driver than giving yourself a car that you actually enjoy? the price to pay for your new comfort is small and many drivers decide to go for it seeing many possible benefits of having alloy wheels.

Above are only some of the benefits to owning this type of wheels. I am sure that there are more of them. When buying used alloy wheels make sure that you are aware of various replicas that find their way to the market and that might be suspiciously cheap. While they might look attractive at a first glance, in reality replica alloy wheels are nothing to be proud of as they might do more harm than good to your car.

After buying your alloy wheels make sure that you find somebody competent who is able to install them. Unless you are absolutely sure that you are able to do so yourself, don’t attempt to install the wheels on your own. Asking a qualified mechanic for help might be something that you will want to do as this way you can be absolutely sure that you are doing the right thing. After the job is already done, all you will have to do is making sure that you enjoy driving with your new alloy wheels and that you take care of them properly so that they serve you for a long time without any problems.

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