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Is Identitify Theft a Real Thing?

I do not know if somebody has ever stolen your identity, but if it never happened to you, chances are that it is going to occur one day. I do not mean to sound pessimistic or something by saying that it can happen to you one day. All I want to say is that I have a realistic approach to the topic of identity theft and I am planning to keep it that way.

Even though I have never fallen prey to any identity theft, I want to be prepared in case somebody tries to steal who I am one day. I am not sure what to do about it as the Internet is full of info concerning protecting your identity. My task here is to find the best possible way to protect my identity as well as the identity of all my family members. Being realistic, I simply know that it can be done without problems. All I am going to need to do is to simply find ways to make that happen, which hopefully is not going to be a problem.

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