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Benefits of Original Equipment Manufacturer Car Parts

Car repairs can be expensive and you may consider aftermarket parts to save some money. This may not be a good idea and you should order parts at the dealership, for example, order Toyota car parts at your Toyota dealer. Here is why you should pick original equipment manufacturer car parts.


Sometimes putting aftermarket parts on your car will invalidate your car’s warranty. This can also create problems with your insurance company. OEM parts usually have a one year warranty but after market parts do not always have a warranty. Also, at a dealership they will have a warranty on their labor.

Made for Your Car
OEM parts are made for you car so you know they will fit properly. Aftermarket parts may need to be modified to fit. That may require extra wiring, changing an adapter or new piping. These extra services will cost more money and may negate the cost of the OEM part. Another point is when you buy OEM parts, you don’t have to compare and access the quality of the parts.

Longer Lasting

Parts made by the manufacturer will last longer. The quality is higher and that is one reason they cost more. So it is better in the long run to buy quality parts from the manufacturer.


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Why to Buy Your Next Vehicle from Car City West

You’ve put off replacing your old vehicle for years, but you can’t afford to wait any longer. In addition to costing you a small fortune in repairs, this temperamental old car presents a number of safety risks for you and your family. Since money’s a little too tight for a brand new vehicle, you’ve been thinking about buying used. At Car City West, Clive, IA’s foremost purveyor of quality pre-owned vehicles, you can find a car your family loves for a price you’re willing to pay.

Incredible Selection and Unbeatable Prices

At Car City West, we have an incredible selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. Additionally, our website’s helpful search options enable car-buyers to filter their results by price range, manufacturer and number of previous owners. Customers on a strict budget are sure to find something they like in our website’s “Under $9,000” section. We also offer a convenient assortment of financing options for customers who wish to pay for their vehicles in installments. Despite our name, we don’t deal exclusively in cars – just ask anyone who’s had a chance to view our motorcycles.

There’s no shortage of places to purchase used vehicles. However, few other dealerships feature the rock-bottom prices, massive selection and stellar customer service found at Car City West.

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Where Style Meets Substance

Scion iA
Learn more about the new Scion iA

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Car Batteries

Your car’s battery is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. It is easy to forget about it when it is in good operating condition and hard to forget when it is not. A dead battery can leave you sitting out in the cold until a tow truck shows up to give it you a jump.

It may be hours until one reaches you, especially in bitterly cold winter weather. If you do not relish the idea of sitting in an icy vehicle for several hours, it makes good sense to include a portable battery pack in your vehicle’s emergency kit.

In addition to offering an emergency source of starting power, most of these devices come equipped with jumper cables that are compatible with the battery pack’s voltage. What this means for a stranded motorist is never suffering the frustration of not having the right cables when help finally arrives.

These emergency power supplies are available in a number of sizes, ranging from a device almost small enough to fit in your pocket to other weighing up to 16 pounds. No matter which size you choose, there is one that will ride comfortably in your car’s trunk or cargo area until you need it.

The smaller compact ones are designed around lithium battery technology, lighter than lead acid types and just as reliable. With their more advanced design, the lithium units often provide additional features not usually found in the lead acid ones. Many offer built-in USB charging ports, making them ideal for recharging cell phones, smart phones and other small electronic devices. Some even include a flashlight for working in the dark.

While a portable vehicle jump starter is a good addition to your emergency gear, it does require regular testing and maintenance. Many boast that they can hold a charge for a full year or more and provide up to 20 jump starts per charge, but it is definitely a good idea to top off the charge before setting off on a long road trip. Charging one only requires plugging it into an AC outlet for a few hours, and most are equipped with safety devices for the prevention of overcharging and other mishaps.

Start Pac is one of several companies that offer these essential automotive emergency devices. Having one in your car can save time and money on a cold dark night.

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SUVs for Asian Market

Market of the SUVs has progressed enormously over the past 5 years. Every year appears a dozens of new models. The main reason for such a large offer is, of course demand. In addition to Europe and North America, there were new markets. The biggest market is China, and immediately afterward India. Mentioned countries have more than billion people and in both cases, rapidly growing middle class. It is estimated that the total number of SUV owners in these two countries will be over 15 million.
Who are the major players in this market? First of all, two main players are Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Pilot. Jeep has been a tradition in Asia since it first started to produce off-road vehicles. Cherokee is hereditary legendary jeep vehicles from the Second World War. Honda Pilot has become extremely popular in China in recent years. Close to Japan and a similar way of thinking play a big role in this case.
However, we should pay attention to another great car: new Chevy Blazer . The latest generation of this car appeared in 2005 year. In the last few years it had very good results in sales. When we talk about this SUV, I should mention a few important things. The SUV had a great engine of almost 350 hp. The next important feature is the fact that there are very large and comfortable cabin. In it you will feel like in your living room. The third important thing: this car looks great. If you want prestige in society, Chevy Blazer will give it to you. When we speak about new design features, all of them are applied and Blazer have all that have other new cars. First of all, there are modern bumpers, the latest LED lights, as well as many chrome details. When you first see the Blazer, you know that it is a powerful machine. For this reason, this SUV is not just an ordinary off-road but also a status symbol. The only unknown thing about this car is the price. The price is not yet released, but is expected soon. We hope that the price will be acceptable to customers.
Fighting on the SUV market of Asian countries continues. Time will show which of the listed SUVs will aim to accomplish the best sales. Until then, my strong recommendation is Chevy Blazer.

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Things to Avoid When You Pick Your Own Auto Parts

Purchasing auto parts from a salvage yard can save you a whole lot of money; however, a successful trip to the salvage yard depends on more than just finding the right parts that you need for an inexpensive price. There are a few things that you should avoid while you are picking your parts in order to ensure that your experience at the salvage yard is a success. Here’s a look at some things to avoid as you salvage your own parts:
• Obey the safety rules. The majority of junk yards have safety rules posted, and they’re posted for a reason. Make sure to follow them so that you can avoid being injured. If you don’t see the safety rules, ask.
• Pass on the corroded and/or oxidized parts. The parts may still work, but chances are that their life expectancy won’t be very long. It’s best to pass on any parts that have any corrosion or oxidation, even if they’re the parts that you need and they’re cheap. You don’t want to run the risk of having them not last.
• Don’t try to handle large parts on your own. Those heavy parts could do some serious damage if you try to handle them on your own.

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Preparing For Road Trips

If you live near or in the desert, I don’t have to tell you how punishing the elements can be to your car. So when you are getting ready to head out on a road trip there are a few things you should do to minimize any possible problems once you are out there on the road.

Go to your local car repair shop and have the car checked from stem to stern before heading out, even if it’s just a short day or two trip out into God’s country. My local place is great that way, I go to Kelly Clark, they’ve been in business forever and know their stuff, inside and out.

Have them check all your fluid levels and make sure you bring enough fluids for everyone involved, you, your passengers and the car. Oil, coolant, water, as much as you think you need for your car. Have the shop check everything and make sure your car is road worthy before you head out into that blast furnace that is the desert southwest.

Also make sure you check your tires before you go. Over inflation could be a problem as high road temps, upwards of 150 degrees will increase you tires PSI by as much as ten pounds. But don’t radically underinflate either.

Stay safe out there!

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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Car Repairs

None of us enjoy the prospect of needing car repairs but unfortunately breakdowns happen, and usually when we least expect it. You can fix a lot of things yourself (fan belts, spark plugs, tires, oil changes, batteries, etc) but sometimes you need to go to a pro. Unfortunately there are a lot of shady shops out there more than happy to overcharge you for things you don’t even need because they figure you don’t know any better. To fight this, learn as much as you can about your car. Most modern vehicles have computers in them now, and a special outlet under the dash. Plug a reader in and it will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your car. You can buy a reader and download a report from your car. Take it to the mechanic and you’ll have a big advantage.

If your car is still under warranty, take it to the dealership you bought it at. For example, if you have an Acura, your local dealership is the place to find the best Honda car service. Take full advantage of your warranty and everything it entitles you to, and your dealership will take care of you.


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Tips for Buying a Car Online

Nowadays shoppers are purchasing many of the products and services that they need online. They are even shopping online for vehicles. Shopping for vehicles online requires a detailed process to be successful, however. An online vehicle shopper will want to ensure that he or she does not end up with a lemon. The following are some tips for maximizing the quality of an online shopping experience:

Order a Carfax or Similar Report

A Carfax report is an online report that provides a prospective buyer with information about the history of a vehicle. A prospective buyer can contact the seller and ask for some data so that he or she can obtain a Carfax report. The report will show the person the number of accidents that the vehicle has been involved in as well as the number of owners who have handled the vehicle. Furthermore, Carfax reports provide a prospective buyer with emissions inspections results and mileage readings.

View as Many Pictures as Possible

A prospective buyer should view as many pictures of a vehicles as possible before making a decision about buying it. Most sellers provide their prospective buyers with pictures of the interior and exterior. An online buyer may want to take a look at the vehicle’s engine, as well.

Contact the Seller Personally

A consumer should contact the seller personally to ask any questions that he or she deems necessary to know about the vehicle. The point of contacting the seller personally is to establish that a live person is selling the car, and that person does know something about the vehicle. A prospective online vehicle buyer will want to work with the vehicle owner rather than a person who only has third-party information about the car in question.

Use a Credit Card or Reliable Online Payment Service

Credit cards and online payment services such as PayPal can help protect a consumer in case of a bad auto deal. Credit card companies will work hard to protect the consumer from poor transactions.

Find Secure and Reliable Shipping Services

Finally, a prospective buyer will want to secure reliable shipping services. He or she will want to hire car shippers that will deliver the vehicle in a timely fashion. The person will want to hire shippers that have fair quotes and admirable customer service efforts. The Fastmotion Auto Transport Company is an example of a company that has services for people who buy cars online.

Online vehicle shoppers have to be extra careful. The previously mentioned tips will help them to get the best deal possible.

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