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Printing Pages from the Internet

There are many interesting websites and many interesting pages on the Internet. If you want to print a page that you found on the Internet, you can do it in one of two ways:

-First of all you can do it by printing the text of this website only. That way you will save some money on ink, but also will avoid unnecessary items being printed that you do not need anyway. If you are using IE and want to print a webpage, you will by default print only a text unless you will change it in settings.

-You can also print everything that is on a particular website. As I wrote in the previous point, your IE has a default option to print the text only. To change it and thus enable background etc. to be printed, go to Tools from the top menu bar and then go to Internet Options. Here choose the Advanced tab and look for Printing section. Check the option “Print background colors and images”. After that press Apply and OK.

There are a lot of interesting sites on the Internet, so at some point or another, I am sure that you will want to print something.

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One of the things that I always wanted to do is to travel. I do not live in a very warm climate so I always wanted to travel to various warm travel. There are some countries out there that are warm all year around, even in winter. That is why recently I started looking at the data about climates in various places and countries. It is very easy to access this information online and it is actually pretty fun. You can see for example that in some laces it mainly rains in winter, while in other places it is rainy in summer. Sometimes the temperature in winter in one place might be warmer than the temperature in summer in another location. I encourage you to check out the climate of various cities and countries as I found it quite entertaining myself.

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Getting Rich Scams

You might have received spam email that claimed that you will get very rich if you buy something. Perhaps they were trying to sell you some method or some kind of product. Well, in most cases it is a scam as it is not so easy to get rich without hard work. However, people like to think that they can get rich suddenly and that is why such scams work. Usually the email message or website may tempt people by telling them how their life would be good if they could retire at a young age and drive luxurious cars while traveling on vacations abroad. While it might sound fun, you have to watch out so that nobody will manipulate you this way.

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Free and Paid Email Accounts

There has been some discussion lately whether paid email accounts are superior to free email accounts. I think that it depends on a few factors and often free email accounts may actually have some advantages. One advantage of many free email accounts is that they are going to stay there forever. If a person has a paid email account that is connected to his domain name, then this email may get deleted when his domain name expires. On the other hand, some people use an email account that is given to them by their Internet provider. The problem with that is that once you change your Internet provider, you are going to lose your email address.

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Privacy on the Internet

Those who dislike the Internet, sometimes complain about the lack of privacy. Basically, a person can be identified on the Internet by his IP address. Depending on your Internet provider, your IP address may be changing each time you connect to the Internet or it may remain static. Websites can track your IP and know that you already visited their website before. Whenever you visit a website, chances are that that website is going to leave some traces on your computer such as cookies. There are ways to disable cookies, but most people are not going to do it. It is nothing that should make you panic, but it is simply something to keep in mind when browsing the Internet.

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Blogging Tips

From time to time I would like to give tips to bloggers and this time I would like to tell everyone that making backups is important. If you have a WordPress blog, then it is important that you backup your MySQL database and your blog files. You can backup your database by using some plugins or you can login to your hosting administrative area and manually make a backup. Personally, I recommend using a plugin as it is a lot easier. You may actually want to use a plugin that will automatically make daily backups. To backup your blog files you will need to login via FTP and download your WordPress installation.

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Watching Streaming Videos

I enjoy watching streaming videos online and I believe that is because there are so many out there. The thing to keep in mind is that most of such videos are made by regular people, rather than large corporations. Even though a typical person does not have a large budget in order to make a video, those videos are still very entertaining. I bet that many large corporations might be scratching their head wondering how come some videos are so popular. Videos uploaded by people seem very real and maybe that is why they are so attractive. Maybe I should go and watch a few videos right now to try to figure out what makes them so addicting.

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Online Security

The Internet is a great place and I enjoy spending time browsing the Web. I visit all kinds of websites and many of them are definitely worth visitors. However, I am also aware of various dangers on the Internet. I am aware of the fact that some websites might have some malicious spyware and that it can my computer. Because of this I make sure that I am protected in some way from such dangers. In my opinion, having a firewall is very important. That is why I always have some turned on. Another thing is to have a good anti-virus program. It can be free as long as it can get the job done. There are also some plugins for browsers that allow safer browsing so I use such plugins as well.

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Playing Chess With Others

There are many games out there and one of the oldest games is chess. It is a game that these days can be played online. It can be played against artificial intelligence or against other people. What I like about the possibility of playing online games such as chess is that you can meet some interesting people while enjoying your favorite game. Of course, chess is not the only game out there and you can practically play anything online and usually it is free. That is why if you never played an online game, then perhaps you should consider giving it a try and see whether you would enjoy it.

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There are some bloggers out there that have a few blogs. That is a good idea, although it is only going to work out if a person has enough time to take care of all of his blogs. Each blog requires new entries from time to time and people are going to stop visiting a blog that does not any any new posts. Having a blog also requires dedicating some time to setting up hosting properly as from time to time something might stop working. A responsible blogger is also going to take care of spam and ensure that his website is secure. Overall, it can take quite a bit of time taking care of a blog.

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