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Printing Pages from the Internet

There are many interesting websites and many interesting pages on the Internet. If you want to print a page that you found on the Internet, you can do it in one of two ways:

-First of all you can do it by printing the text of this website only. That way you will save some money on ink, but also will avoid unnecessary items being printed that you do not need anyway. If you are using IE and want to print a webpage, you will by default print only a text unless you will change it in settings.

-You can also print everything that is on a particular website. As I wrote in the previous point, your IE has a default option to print the text only. To change it and thus enable background etc. to be printed, go to Tools from the top menu bar and then go to Internet Options. Here choose the Advanced tab and look for Printing section. Check the option “Print background colors and images”. After that press Apply and OK.

There are a lot of interesting sites on the Internet, so at some point or another, I am sure that you will want to print something.

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Free and Paid Email Accounts

There has been some discussion lately whether paid email accounts are superior to free email accounts. I think that it depends on a few factors and often free email accounts may actually have some advantages. One advantage of many free email accounts is that they are going to stay there forever. If a person has a paid email account that is connected to his domain name, then this email may get deleted when his domain name expires. On the other hand, some people use an email account that is given to them by their Internet provider. The problem with that is that once you change your Internet provider, you are going to lose your email address.

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Operating Systems

There are many operating system out there, but the newest Windows operating systems out there are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. While new computers are usually sold with the newest operating system, there are people out there who bought a computer a few years ago and they still use an older operating system. Generally speaking, if a person has a Windows XP or newer operating system, then there is not such a big reason to upgrade. Newer operating systems may have more features, but they also may require more system resources such as RAM. Older computers may not have enough RAM to use effectively the newest operating system.

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Clean Your Computer

Cleaning your computer does not only mean cleaning it from the outside. Very often your computer is bombarded with information. Every time you visit a site on the Internet, a complete copy of that site is remember and stored on your computer. This is known as “cached copy” and it is stored on your computer from 1 to 999 days, depending on the settings of your computer. Today I am going to show you how to set an appropriate date after which the cached copies of webpages will be deleted from your computer.

Simply go to Internet Explorer and look for Tools on the top menu bar. From here go to Internet Options. Now look for Internet Temporary Files. Here you can delete both Cookies and Files. Look at the History at the bottom of the window and set the number of days after which you would like the cached pages to be deleted from your PC. Lastly, select Apply and OK.

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Email and Signature

In my opinion, using signatures in your emails can make your emails look more professional. In this post I am going to explain how to use signatures in Outlook. While sending an email you can sign it in a way that you wish. In Outlook your signature can be customized to suit your needs. Check out how you can do it easily:

-From the top menu bar choose “Tools”, then “Options”. Here you will be given a choice to select “Mail Format”. After you have done that, choose Signatures from the bottom of the window.
-Here click “New” and enter a name for your new signature. Press “Next” after which you will be give an option to type your own signature. It is highly customizable. You can choose font, size etc.
-Press “Finish” to finalize the process of establishing your new signature. You signature will from now on be applied to all your new messages.

When choosing a signature you should remember that all kinds of people will see it, be it your family, employer, friends or even business partner. Choose an appropriate signature with which you will be happy.

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Starting a Blog

If you have been considering starting a blog, but you think it is too difficult, then let me tell you that starting a blog can be easier than it sounds. If you never had a website, then naturally you may be a bit anxious about starting a blog. However, you just need to do a few things to start a blog. If you want to host your blog on your own domain, then you will need to register a website and buy hosting for it. Once you do that, many hosting companies offer tools to install a blogging platform such as WordPress through a friendly Web-based interface.

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Spelling and Grammar

Those who write many articles know that spelling and grammar is important. Those who need some help with spelling and grammar may be interested to know that Microsoft Word has this great feature called ‘Spelling and Grammar’ that can help a lot those who want to write quality posts. You can get to ‘Spelling and Grammar’ options by either hitting F7 on your keyboard or by going to Tools on the upper menu and selecting Spelling and Grammar option. In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box you will see that the window is divided in two parts: ‘Not in Dictionary’ and ‘Suggestion’. Microsoft will one by one show the errors you have made and will suggest a solution. To correct your mistake, simply choose the suggestion from the list (by left clicking on it), then go to the right part of the window and click on the Change button. After you do it, the Word will move to the next word or phrase where you made an error.

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Protecting Documents With a Password

Preventing other people from accessing your computer can be very important, especially if you are not the only person who uses your computer or if you have something that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. You can apply a password that will be required to open your documents in a few steps. Remember that there are two types of passwords: those required for opening a document and those required to make changes to a document after this document has already been opened. Now let’s move to the steps you have to take in order to apply your password.

First go to the File menu and select “Save As”. The “Tools” option will pop up and here choose “General Options” or “Security Options” You will see two possibilities: “Password to open” and “Password to modify”. Confirm your choice with “Ok” button. Microsoft will then ask you for another confirmation. Reenter your password again. You can enter the maximum of 15 characters in your password. Save what you have done already after the Save As dialog box pops up.

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Computer Mouse

A few months ago I ordered a so called silent mouse – a product of a Japanese company called Thanko. Even though I do not regret my decision because I had a chance to check this product out, to all of you who think about purchasing this mouse I would like to say beware! Yes, of course, my working environment got more quiet because the mouse does not produce any sounds, but at what cost! After a few weeks the buttons became unresponsive. It is very small and very fragile. The middle mouse button stopped working long time ago and the right mouse button stopped reacting to my commands a few months after I bought the mouse. The left mouse button is still working although barely and I expect every day that it will stop functioning eventually. Next time I will simply buy a regular mouse. I will not care if it makes any click sounds or not.

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Privacy on the Internet

Those who dislike the Internet, sometimes complain about the lack of privacy. Basically, a person can be identified on the Internet by his IP address. Depending on your Internet provider, your IP address may be changing each time you connect to the Internet or it may remain static. Websites can track your IP and know that you already visited their website before. Whenever you visit a website, chances are that that website is going to leave some traces on your computer such as cookies. There are ways to disable cookies, but most people are not going to do it. It is nothing that should make you panic, but it is simply something to keep in mind when browsing the Internet.

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