Three Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Driving School

Many things have changed in the world of driving, such as the way cars look and all of the features that cars offer. But with all of these changes, the basic skills of learning to drive a car have not changed. In fact, they are as important as they ever were as populations increase and roads become more congested. Learning to drive involves not just the basics of maneuvering a car but also being responsible for others on the road who are driving as well. Thankfully, as technology has changed in cars, it has also followed into driving schools, making the task of learning to drive more fun and more accessible to all. Three ways that technology has entered the driving school experience are:

1. Using an iPad While Driving
What would your instructor think of you behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and using your iPad while doing so? Of course, this would never happen. But, now, devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones have the ability to download apps on them that can create scenarios to discuss safely in the classroom before actually entering the car and driving. This is an extra safety feature that any new driver can benefit from.

2. Rangefinders
How far away is the car beside you? In the driver’s seat, depth perception may be a difficult thing to judge and when you are behind the wheel of a car that is not the time to be guessing. Using a tool called a Rangefinder, instructors and students can practice depth perception with a simple point and click feature which can show students exactly how far they are. When they do get behind the wheel of the car, they will be much more prepared to judge their distances from other cars, making roads safer for everyone.

3. Steering Wheel Trainer
The use of a steering wheel trainer is similar to a simulator; airline pilots use simulators to practice flying planes. In a simpler fashion, the steering wheel trainer allows the student to practice turning, where to place the hands appropriately on the wheel at all times, and how to become acclimated to the feeling of maneuvering the wheel before s/he climbs behind the actual wheel of a moving car.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran driver, the technology available that enables safer driving is beneficial to everyone. Many people depend on the availability of technology to verbally give them directions and cars are made now that even have depth perception warnings if you accidentally get too close to a vehicle or outside of your lane. That same technology is available in driving school for those who may want to become better drivers or learn for the first time. If you are ready to learn more, call Formula Driving School and find out about driving lessons in the Sydney eastern suburbs. You will leave driving school feeling like a much more capable driver for sure!

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