7 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW

We all know that there are plenty of car marques to choose from in the world. But what’s so special about BMW? If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, the following ten reasons might help you to add the German car brand to the top of your shortlist:

  1. They hold their value

If you want a car that doesn’t depreciate like nobody’s business, you ought to consider a BMW. Even models from the cheaper end of their range offer slow depreciation. That’s good news if you want to lose as little money as possible on your next car purchase.

  1. You get free GPS

I read a news article over at the UKCarBlog.com site about how all new BMWs will come with sat-nav as standard from July 2015. Usually such a feature is an expensive option when you buy a car! I don’t know about you but I rely on GPS to get me to unfamiliar destinations. A built-in solution is much better than an aftermarket one.

  1. They have efficient power plants

These days there is a great emphasis on engine efficiency and low carbon emissions. When you drive on the latest BMW models on the market, you benefit from two things. First, you drive a “greener” car. And, second, you have access to a lot of horsepower with your right foot!

  1. They look amazing

Today’s latest BMWs offer sculpted looks, mean stances and are wrapped in eye-catching colors. Coupled with a lower center of gravity and sporty alloy wheels, any new Beemer you drive will catch many a second glance.

  1. They aren’t as expensive as you might think

Compared to other cars in the premium vehicle market, BMW models aren’t that expensive to get. In fact, you can save yourself some cash by getting one that’s a few months old. There are also plenty of lease deals on offer, making the prospect of driving a new BMW even cheaper.

  1. They have plenty of technology

If you’re something of a car geek, you will love getting behind the wheel of a BMW. From its excellent iDrive system to the myriad of tech features, you’ll feel right at home with a BMW car.

  1. There’s a model to suit everyone

It’s no secret that BMW offer plenty of models for various purposes and driving styles. From the uber-compact MINI to the spacious X5, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

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