Attributes of a Good Insurance Company for Auto Dealership Inventory

If you are an auto dealer, you will need to have good insurance coverage for your inventory. Not all insurance companies are equal. There are certain attributes to look for in an insurance company when shopping for a good policy.

Right away, you need to make sure that there is coverage available for both franchised and non-franchised dealers. This is a mark of a truly professional company. In addition, you should note whether coverage is offered to truck and motorcycle dealers. A good company will offer the expanded coverage.

Naturally, the more coverage that is available, the better off your dealership will be, but even when everything is available it is not required to carry all of the coverage offered to you. A quality insurance company will have it available. One area to look at is with what is covered under the aggregate deductible. Losses due to the weather should be included and collision losses should also be included. This latter application of aggregate deductibles is found only with the best insurance programs in the nation.

You will also want to have coverage for spot deliveries and off lease vehicles if you provide this product. An auto dealer can also be covered for the hold back value of all new cars that have been damaged.

There are several examples of a top quality insurance firm for your dealership inventory. One example of this is with Risk Point. For coverage specifics you can go to our program at their website.

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