Avoid the dealer – where to get great deals on cars

In any given city, a drive about will always reveal a good many “hot spots,” where there will be a number of auto dealerships to be found. Anyone not familiar with the industry could easily become overwhelmed by the numbers of cars packed all together on the lots. Most people know that when previously owned cars, like Mercedes Benz used are sold at a dealership that sells more new Mercedes Benzs, like the Mercedes Benz E-Class and other top selling current models straight from the factory, the selling price will be higher. A little known fact is that many dealers rely quite a bit on the income produced by their used car sales.

What Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

By avoiding the dealerships, you stand to reap a significant reduction in savings off the typical price that a dealer would ask, for the same car. The most extensive collection of cars for sale is dependably to be found advertised on the online classified ads. You can easily conduct the search for your next car from the comfort of your easy chair at home, taking notes and making calls to inquire about availability. You can use this opportunity to set a time when you can meet with the seller to see the car, give it a test drive and even do a little price negotiating. The most effective price negotiating is best conducted in person, with the seller. If you have demonstrated your genuine interest in buying the car by coming to look at it, you will have a good deal more clout than you would, simply over the phone.

The Truth About Dealerships & Used Cars

Dealers want their customers to see their used car inventory as an afterthought–to which there has been little if any markup. Actually, while its the dealer who has the greatest ability to negotiate down from their asking price, used car shoppers at dealerships are less likely to put as much effort into those negotiations. Dealerships can take in a used car from a trade-in, and with on-staff mechanics and car detailing staff, bring that vehicle up to the condition that would command the best selling price. There is little investment involved in such used cars that are taken in by dealerships, yet it’s these very vehicles that put more money in the dealer’s pocket than much of the new inventory.

Best to Play it Safe

Shopping at public and government auctions can prove disastrous when you don’t have intricate knowledge on how to check out these cars before placing your bid on them. While there can be some great deals to be had from these events, there is often no opportunity to test drive the car, and there are not always any maintenance and repair records to go with them. Kijiji is a reputable, highly popular method of searching for great deals on cars. And the best deals don’t hang around long–so if you find one you like, act soon.

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