Being Successful

When I look around, I usually see all types of people around me: some of them are successful in what they do (they aren’t usually that many of them), while some of them are not wealthy or triumphant in their lives at all. Why does it happen that some people know how to succeed in life while so many people fail in their lives without achieving any success? It seems that they are missing something very important in their lives, something they might not know about.

I have always believed that I can only be good in a few things in my life. I have always wanted to have a successful marriage and obedient, happy kids. I also wanted to dedicate my time to my career, but I never wanted it to be more important to me than my family. If you came to my house and saw how my family looks like, you would probably call it a successful family. The reason I believe that my family and I are a successful family is that we spend plenty of time together because we like being with each other. To me, being successful means that my family members love me and like spending their time with me.

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