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In my opinion, using signatures in your emails can make your emails look more professional. In this post I am going to explain how to use signatures in Outlook. While sending an email you can sign it in a way that you wish. In Outlook your signature can be customized to suit your needs. Check out how you can do it easily:

-From the top menu bar choose “Tools”, then “Options”. Here you will be given a choice to select “Mail Format”. After you have done that, choose Signatures from the bottom of the window.
-Here click “New” and enter a name for your new signature. Press “Next” after which you will be give an option to type your own signature. It is highly customizable. You can choose font, size etc.
-Press “Finish” to finalize the process of establishing your new signature. You signature will from now on be applied to all your new messages.

When choosing a signature you should remember that all kinds of people will see it, be it your family, employer, friends or even business partner. Choose an appropriate signature with which you will be happy.

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