HCR Racing Polaris RZR XP long travel lift kits

HCR Racing makes some of the most impressive, top of the line suspension products in the UTV business, and their XP 1000 lift kits are the most thoroughly researched, designed and tested racing suspensions that we’ve ever seen. They are race tested and proven and HCR has the trophies to prove it. There are two kits available for the XP 1000, their long travel kit and their stock replacement boxed front and rear a-arm kit. They have dozens of other Polaris RZR accessories and other parts for your supension as well.

HCR’s long travel suspension includes custom-tuned King’s patented 2.5” Internal Bypass shocks. These top of the line units are fitted with finned remote reservoirs that are standard on rears, and piggy back fronts that offer a finned option. Every set of King Shocks are designed with billet compression adjusters that include an incredible 30% adjustment range.

The long travel suspension also includes Summers Brothers Racing 4340 Extended Axles. They re-use the XP 1000’s factory CV’s, and the front bolt-on shock towers offer improved motion ratio and shock angles. CNC Chromoly mounting points on all components ensure increased integrity. The foundation of this kit are front High Clearance Boxed A-Arms designed to add 1.250 inches of ground clearance.

All components are TIG Welded by hand for strength and and a beautiful finish. The system reuses all of the XP 1000s OEM ball joints, which maximizes low-speed steering ease as well and allows for smooth suspension travel with minimal maintenance. The long travel kit’s High-Clearance Rear Trailing Arms provide a 1.25” increase in ground clearance, and the kit also includes High-Clearance Rear Boxed Radius Rods. These rods also increase both ground clearance and strength in the rear of the XP.

HCR also offers straight Rear Radius Rods for race and dune applications. This long travel suspension kit adds a full 4 inches per side for maximum travel and stability. The long travel kit also increases the XP’s wheelbase 3 inches for excellent high speed stability, as well as confidence in hill climbing, and during descents. This kit achieves 21 total inches of wheel travel, that gives the XP 1000 the smoothest ride and best articulation of any Long Travel kit on the market for the RZR. The heavy duty, larger front tube mounts are 1.25” in diameter and they are fitted with Delrin bushings for incredible strength and durability.

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