How to choose strong car

When you need to buy a new car, you will always choose between two or more models. If the prices are about the same, the problem is much larger. You should often compare features that are not comparable. For example, the number of cc engine still does not determine the engine power. In fact, very common is that cars with engines of 1.2 or 1.4 liters have more than 100hp. Of course, it is necessary to take into account your actual needs. In this article we will compare one SUV and one Jeep. First car for comparation is excellent new VW Tiguan SUV. About this SUV, you can read more here: 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan review. Another car with excellent design is the 2016 Jeep Wrangler. Both vehicles are great for showing to the company, but also for offroad drive.

Both models have a beautiful history. Tiguan is, for example, appeared on sale for more than eight years, while the Jeep is on the market for more than 28 years. Thus, the second model is much longer on the market, but honestly, how important is that fact to the today’s customer? Personally, the first significant item is engine. In this case Wrangler has a great advantage. In fact, it has a bigger engine for 1,1 liter, and greater strength for almost 140 hp. So, if you want power and powerful vehicle, you will select Jeep vehicle. If you want lower consumption, you will select the first vehicle. The next item is the outward appearance. The external appearance is a matter of taste. I know many people who love the masculine look with truck vehicles. However, the view of the majority is that elegant VW isstill more beautiful. So, in this category I chose Tiguan.
The third item is the inner comfort of vehicles. Both cars have modern equipment for the ride. There are cruize control, navigation, bluetooth connectivity and a number of other benefits. Approximately both models are at the same level. The seats are still comfortable and the cabin is more spacious in the Tiguan. So here I would rather chose VW.

As for the option of driving off-road, there would still praised the car with 4WD and with a more powerful engine: Jeep. In many countries in the world this name is a synonym for offroad driving.

And finally, I would say that the choice of a car says a lot about you. I am sure that Tiguan will choose business people, people with large families and soccer mothers. On the other hand, Wrangler likely to choose younger men, adventurers or people who need strong vehicle for performing operations on rough terrain.

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