How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Kids

Once you have little ones, it becomes an uphill battle to keep your home and your vehicle in as clean a state as possible. Even right after you clean your car, it only takes one short ride with a couple of little messy human tornados to turn it into a disaster zone again. From cookie crumbs to sticky juice to finger prints on the windows and much more – your kids will make it difficult to keep your car in a presentable state. It’s really quite amazing how they can turn even the simplest thing into an enormous mess.

However, all is not lost and there are still things that you can do in order to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Use an Organiser in Your Car

It can make a world of difference if you have an organiser in your car –as these little tools will help to keep your child’s toys and accessories from getting strewn all over the floor. You won’t have to be searching through the car for that special toy and everything will be organised and clutter free. There are many different types of organisers that are specifically designed for vehicles – so take a look at your options.

Keep Snacks in Containers

There are special containers that you can buy which will keep those snacks such as French Fries and Wotsits from spilling out all over the floor. This is very helpful, because often these snacks will get crushed and turn into crumbs and dust that is terribly difficult to clean.

Have a Rubbish Bin

Keep a bin bag in your car at all times that you can use to collect rubbish, so that it doesn’t build up on the floor or under the seats. When the bag becomes full you can dump it out in the rubbish at a petrol station and replace it with an empty bag.

Keep Some Wipes Handy

A packet of wipes is a very helpful thing to keep in your car, so that you can clean the dash, the doors, the glove compartment and any other surfaces in the car. Also, when your little ones have sticky hands you can clean them up before they touch anything.

Take it To the Car Wash

When you have a lot of dirt and grime on the car’s exterior, it can scratch and damage the paint – so make sure that you take your vehicle to the car wash on a regular basis. Bring your kids with you, as they will love the thrill of going through the car wash and seeing the big sprayers and scrubbers engulf the car in suds.

Use Boot Protectors

Don’t forget to protect the boot of your vehicle as well! When you have little kids you end up transporting a range of very messy things, including muddy boots, pets, leaky science projects, art supplies, camping gear and much more. You can avoid staining the interior of your boot by using a boot protector. There are many different styles of hatchbag boot protectors and they are designed to fit your boot and offer complete protection from any messes. You can even choose boot liners that are designed to fit your particular model of vehicle, from BMW Boot Liners to Ford Boot Liners and many more.

Do a Little Bit Every Day

If you leave the mess to build up in your car over a number of days, you’ll have a very big clean up job to face. To keep it manageable, do something small every day to keep your car clean and maintained. It might be emptying the rubbish bin, wiping down the console and door handles, vacuuming the seats or washing the windows – but if you do something every day you will keep your car in great shape.

When you have kids your vehicle can turn into a rolling rubbish heap – but it doesn’t have to. With these tips in mind you can keep your car as tidy and organised as possible. If you have found other solutions for keeping your car clean with little kids, feel free to share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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