How We Choose New Full Size SUV

These days, a friend of mine had to make a serious choice. He had to choose which one full-size vehicle he will buy. Since we are good friends, he asked me to help him in the election. When I say “yes” I didn’t know how this task will be difficult. On the USA market there are many great vehicles on offer and it is not easy to choose the best.
The reason why he wanted to choose a really big vehicle is easy. Mark himself is a big man and he needs a lot of place as a driver. Another reason is the fact that he has 4 children. So, a vehicle that he wants to choose must be with at least 6 seats. When we start from these facts, it automatically reduces the number of available cars. It is also important to note that my friend Mark don’t like minivan vehicles. Thus, the remaining vehicles are full-size SUV and truck models. Having pointed out that vehicle should have elegant look, we decided to leave the truck model for another time.

How we make decision

When we came to this reduced set of vehicles, the choice boiled down to the following models: Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Sequoia, GMC Yukon and Honda Pilot. Data for this decision was collected from various sources, for example for Toyota Sequoia we picked up from new Sequoia website.
We have made a table with a series of parameters that are important when choosing vehicles. In this occasion I will enumerate only a few: maximum speed, displacement, towing capacity, interior, security, external appearance, MSRP prices. As you’ll notice, some of the categories are very subjective in nature and can’t be easily expressed. The fact that a vehicle is a beautiful for someone does not mean that it will be nice to the other person. For this reason, this grading system has highly subjective character. Each of these vehicles has had its good and bad sides. For example, if we were choosing vehicles with a maximum speed that it can develop, winning SUV would be Honda Pilot. Chevrolet Suburban was untouchable when it comes to towing capacity. In short, each vehicle was gaining a rating from 1 to 5 for each of these categories. The end result was as follows:

32 Toyota Sequoia
31 Chevrolet Suburban
30 Honda Pilot
28 GMC Yukon

The answer on the question “Which vehicle my friend Mark had bought” was simple: The new Toyota Sequoia. Especially it is important the fact that this car is constantly experiencing new redesign. The current version is for 2016, and will be focused on the redesign and will not be completely new generation of vehicles. What has made the difference with this vehicle is an excellent price-quality ratio. According to all parameters, the choice of the new Sequoia is profitable for someone who has a large family and often go on tourist trips and weekend breaks.

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