Insurance for impounded cars

Insurance for impounded cars are insurance policies specifically designed to get your car released from the compound if it has been seized by the police. Not all insurance companies will provide insurance policies that you can use to release an impounded vehicle. When a vehicle is seized by the police there will often be a pending driving conviction associated with this, these could be anything ranging from an IN10, DR10, DR20 etc.

Most insurers will not be willing to underwrite a policy for a driver with a pending conviction as this poses a greater risk to them. Impounded Car Insurance UK is one of a few companies that can help source insurance policies designed to release a car from the impound, drivers have 2 options when it comes to insurance for impounded cars, these being a short term 30 day policy or an annual insurance policy.

A short term 30 day policy will provide drivers a cover note to release the car and then the driver has the option to sell the vehicle or chop around to insure the car on a long term annual policy. By opting for an annual policy drivers can get their vehicles released and have the peace of mind that their vehicle will be insure don the road for the following year.

When a car is impounded by the police there is a 14 day period where the driver has the chance to collect and release the impounded car, however the compound will only release the vehicle if the driver can produce the relevant documentation, these being valid drivers licence, impounded car insurance policy and a V5 which proves that the driver owns the vehicle in question. You will also be asked to provide the relevant seizure notice that has been stamped by the police station designated on the notice. Once this 14 day period has elapsed the compound will either destroy the vehicle or auction it off with the proceeds from the sale going to the police.

For every day the vehicle is left in the compound this will also accrue a fee that will have to be paid before the vehicle can be released.

As there is a very limited time period of 14 days for an impounded car to be released it is imperative for the driver to purchase his insurance for impounded car policy as quickly as possible, companies such as Impounded Car Insurance UK have strong relationships with brokers that can help source insurance for impounded cars quickly and efficiently to save drivers money on compound fees and to stop them from losing their cars for good.


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