Maintaining Your Vehicle

Did you know, you DON’T have to be a mechanic to to properly maintain your vehicle. Ever experience poor performance and gas mileage, a year or two after purchasing your car? Especially if your vehicle doesn’t take good gas, it may be something as obvious as dirty injectors.
Now, the fuel injectors are NOT the only thing that can get dirty with poor quality fuel. Your cylinder head, valves, combustion chamber and of course fuel lines can build up some nasty gunk (called ethanol) which causes poor fuel circulation, and combustion causing poor power, rough idle and poor mileage. Is there anything you can do to stop that without going to your local shop? Absolutely! In fact, these things can easily be found in your local store. But here’s the catch, not all work properly. Knowing which fuel injector cleaners are the best, before you even buy them can probably make you a ton happier then the opposite. is your source for fuel injector cleaner reviews. Without a doubt, no BS facts. Truth be told, there’s no need to spend $50 16 oz of cleaners. The handful of cleaners that work amazingly well are easily under $30 and can treat up to 100 gallons. Visit us to see.

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