New regulations in place for the 2014 Formula 1 British Grand Prix

This year the Formula 1 British Grand Prix should hold excitement as always, but spectators will notice some big changes to the cars in this season. There are new requirements for nearly everything on the car. From fuel usage modifications to weight changes for the cars there are some notable design changes, too. The engine size and exhaust regulations are also included in the new rules. While some of these changes seem significant, there is no worry that the fans will still enjoy great race action!

The roar of the engines is a thrill and in spite of the change to the engines the British Grand Prix fans will still be thrilled. In this season, the 2.4 litre V8 engines are no longer allowed. The new power in town is the 1.6 V6 turbo engine. The power of the new engines jumps from the former 750bhp to about 600bhp. More power comes from the Energy Recovery System which generates power from using the energy from waste heat from the turbo changer as well as from under braking. The ERS can generate more power for a longer time per lap.

In addition to the engine changes, the gearbox will now have eight forward ratios instead of the previous seven. The fuel is now limited to 100 kg per race to help with fuel efficiency. Fuel had been unlimited for the racers, but this year that has changed for the British Grand Prix. Also, a single tailpipe is mandated for this season and it needs to point upward to cut down on the exhaust. The weight of the cars for 2014 has been increased because of the increased engine weight. Other changes to the body of the car include a lower nose height, a narrower front wing and rear wing can not have a lower beam wing any more and it has a slightly larger DRS slot than last year’s model.

While the cars have changes for this year’s British Grand Prix, there are other regulation changes, as well. In season testing returns this year. The Friday practice sessions now can have up to four drivers and two cars for the Friday sessions. Double points will be awarded for the driver and constructor’s the final race of the season to keep the momentum going for the championship. An additional trophy will be added for the most pole positions and there are some changes in the qualifying runs where two minutes has been deducted from the Q1 session and added to the Q3 and drivers who are in the Q3 session can now have an extra set of tires, but need to begin with those that they used for the fastest lap in Q2.

The British Grand Prix Formula 1 racing is an exciting race to watch. The new regulations for 2014 have made some changes to the cars so they have a slightly different appearance and are different under the hood, but the races will continue to be challenging for the drivers.


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