Preparing For Road Trips

If you live near or in the desert, I don’t have to tell you how punishing the elements can be to your car. So when you are getting ready to head out on a road trip there are a few things you should do to minimize any possible problems once you are out there on the road.

Go to your local car repair shop and have the car checked from stem to stern before heading out, even if it’s just a short day or two trip out into God’s country. My local place is great that way, I go to Kelly Clark, they’ve been in business forever and know their stuff, inside and out.

Have them check all your fluid levels and make sure you bring enough fluids for everyone involved, you, your passengers and the car. Oil, coolant, water, as much as you think you need for your car. Have the shop check everything and make sure your car is road worthy before you head out into that blast furnace that is the desert southwest.

Also make sure you check your tires before you go. Over inflation could be a problem as high road temps, upwards of 150 degrees will increase you tires PSI by as much as ten pounds. But don’t radically underinflate either.

Stay safe out there!

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