Should You Sell Your Car Online?

When you upgrade to a better car and no longer drive your old one, you might consider selling it. Some people are leery about trading in their cars to local dealerships because they know that they won’t get the full value. Those dealerships will often give you less than the book value of your car, and even if it has low mileage and is in near perfect condition, you probably won’t get as much as if you sold the car yourself. Selling your car online may have some big advantages over listing it in the paper, but there are some clear times when selling it online is a better choice.

You Can Get it Checked Out

The best time to sell your car online is when you can get it checked out by a qualified mechanic first. When you take your vehicle to a Meineke car care center or a similar shop, you can get a certificate that shows the vehicle is in good shape. The best mechanics will also give you information regarding what is wrong with your car and help you make minor repairs before listing it online. This lets you show prospective buyers that your car will work for them.

You Have a Solid Internet Connection

If you have a poor Internet signal that goes out regularly, don’t even think about listing your car online. The same holds true for those who cannot answer emails throughout the day. Buyers looking online want answers to their questions as quickly as possible. Taking even a few hours to respond may result in them moving on and looking at other cars. It’s helpful to have access to your email address or that you carry your phone with you to check on emails from buyers throughout the day.

You Have Access to a Good Camera

When you list your car for sale in the local newspaper, you can write a short description and ask buyers to call you for more details. When you list the same car online, you should include multiple images of that vehicle. Buyers looking online may scroll right by listings that do not contain pictures. A good camera lets you take and list photographs of any damage to the body, the engine and even what the interior looks like. Listing your car online may get you more attention from buyers and get your car sold fast.

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