Six Surprising Uses for Air Compressors

Anyone is the Colorado painting industry is probably familiar with air compressors Denver Co, but many people would be surprised to learn that air compressors have many uses. Air compressors offer versatility for work, as well as fun activities and hobbies. Take a look at six surprising uses.

Airbrush Painting

Smaller size air compressors are an artist’s greatest tool. They’re often used on large paintings and murals and small canvases that need intricate details. Artists who do custom work rely on air compressors.They can easily create precision designs and patterns on jewelry, household items, bicycles and scooters, motorcycles and helmets, and custom cars.

Paintball Guns

If you enjoy an exciting game of paintball, you won’t enjoy it much without an air compressor. Paintball guns use air compressors to apply pressure. Some homemade guns use small air compressors, like bicycle pumps to apply pressure.

Underwater Diving

In underwater diving, compressed air is used to create breathing gas in diving tanks. For surface diving, low pressure is used, while scuba diving tanks require high pressure compressors. If you’re an underwater diver, you’re safety depends on the use of air compressors that provide regulated pressure in your oxygen tanks.

Pressure Washers

If you do a lot of work around your house, chances are you own a pressure washer. They use air compressors to create that blast of water that cleans your driveway and sidewalk, siding and windows, outdoor patio, garden tools, and your car and tires. Pressure washers are fun to use and do a quick job of cleaning due to the strong pressure they provide.

Inflating Your Tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated is essential for safety while on the road. The pressure in your tires should be checked regularly to prevent blowouts and potential accidents and injuries. Air compressors are used to add air to tires on cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. If you don’t own an air compressor, consider putting one in your garage to keep your tires properly inflated year-round.

Snow Machines

If Denver doesn’t get snow during the winter, you can make your own with a snow machine. Air compressors used in snow machines allow you to create a white Christmas without mother nature. You can fill your yard with beautiful white snow for the holidays. Your kids and pets will love to play in it and you may even win that snowball fight.

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