SUVs for Asian Market

Market of the SUVs has progressed enormously over the past 5 years. Every year appears a dozens of new models. The main reason for such a large offer is, of course demand. In addition to Europe and North America, there were new markets. The biggest market is China, and immediately afterward India. Mentioned countries have more than billion people and in both cases, rapidly growing middle class. It is estimated that the total number of SUV owners in these two countries will be over 15 million.
Who are the major players in this market? First of all, two main players are Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Honda Pilot. Jeep has been a tradition in Asia since it first started to produce off-road vehicles. Cherokee is hereditary legendary jeep vehicles from the Second World War. Honda Pilot has become extremely popular in China in recent years. Close to Japan and a similar way of thinking play a big role in this case.
However, we should pay attention to another great car: new Chevy Blazer . The latest generation of this car appeared in 2005 year. In the last few years it had very good results in sales. When we talk about this SUV, I should mention a few important things. The SUV had a great engine of almost 350 hp. The next important feature is the fact that there are very large and comfortable cabin. In it you will feel like in your living room. The third important thing: this car looks great. If you want prestige in society, Chevy Blazer will give it to you. When we speak about new design features, all of them are applied and Blazer have all that have other new cars. First of all, there are modern bumpers, the latest LED lights, as well as many chrome details. When you first see the Blazer, you know that it is a powerful machine. For this reason, this SUV is not just an ordinary off-road but also a status symbol. The only unknown thing about this car is the price. The price is not yet released, but is expected soon. We hope that the price will be acceptable to customers.
Fighting on the SUV market of Asian countries continues. Time will show which of the listed SUVs will aim to accomplish the best sales. Until then, my strong recommendation is Chevy Blazer.

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