The Benefits of Using Vehicle Wrapping As a Marketing Tool

Cost effectiveness has become an extremely important factor for marketing managers, when it comes to deciding upon a marketing strategy. As advertising costs keep skyrocketing with each passing quarter, finding cost effective ways to boost sales has become of great essence. TV ads being one of the most costly advertising forms, has witnessed lesser takers. And so have the other conventional advertising methods like print ads, due to high costs.

Every advertising campaign is built with the objective of popularizing the service or product among its target group. Positioning the product or service above the competitors’ offerings is of the essence due to fierce competition. Marketing managers strive very hard to achieve this objective and create a top of mind recall for their offerings. A unique marketing technique that can help them do this is – vehicle wrapping.

Vehicle wrapping is a technique where the organisation or other hired vehicles are covered with graphical wraps, partially or completely. These wraps are huge printed sheets that cover the vehicle; the print includes brand imagery, logo, text, brand name and other advertising elements. As per a popular study, an average vehicle driver spends a minimum of one month each year commuting in his/her vehicle. The study also reveals that a vehicle is viewed by 3000 people each day, which is a substantial amount. As so many people view the vehicle, the cost per view on vehicle wrapping can be a miniscule amount, as less as four pence.

Vehicle wrapping helps keep ad costs in check on various levels and allows companies to strengthen their in-house as well as external branding efforts. Apart from being cost effective, it is also a long-term form of advertising as a vehicle graphic wrap can last up to five years. This method effectively converts vehicles to moving billboards, thereby enhancing the chances of people spotting your advertisement. Unlike static billboards, print ads, radio ads and other forms, vehicle wrapping can help hammer the brand into the minds of consumers for an extended period of time. It is almost like a one-time investment that keeps reaping results even after long periods of time, from the time when the cost was actually incurred.

Specialist companies that offer vehicle wrapping services, provide options like digitally printed vinyl wraps, 3M wraps, matte wraps, glossy wraps, color changes, etc. With such wide variety of wraps to choose from, you can select a wrap that goes with your brand personality the best. Before you decide upon a vehicle wrapping service provider, you must view their previous works to ascertain quality standards. This will help you revamp the look of the vehicles associated with your company in a way that benefits your brand recognition and revenues.

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