The Buick Enclave and Encore

I recently took a test drive of the both the latest Buick Enclave and the Encore, and I am here to tell you that both rides are very good. The larger of the two, the Enclave, is a beauty of an SUV at a very affordable price. The mileage that I got is very good, and it handled like a dream. The interior is truly nice for the price and is just as spacious as most of it’s in class rivals. With both sets of back seats folded there is 115 cubic feet of space back there, which is really nice should you have a lot of stuff to move.

The Encore is smaller but has all the same handling characteristics as its larger sibling, and has a similarly appointed interior. It really is a beautiful ride, and is easy to park on top of that. The gas mileage for the Encore is not just good, it’s great. Thirty three MPG highway is nothing to sneeze at. You should schedule a test drive to see which one is the perfect SUV for you.

Both of the models I test drove featured the Intellilink system, which is the built-in ‘infotainment’ system. Both SUVs are Bluetooth capable and have satellite radio and a USB port, among other things. The tech here is more than infotainment. Rear view cameras do come in handy when parking in a tight spot, as does the blind spot monitoring.

Both the Enclave and the Encore are great rides, and the price is right on both models. Give them a test drive and see for yourself!

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