Three Motorcycles That Will Change Your Idea of Cruising

1.The 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883cc – The history of motorcycling contains many familiar brand names that represent quality, dependability and performance, but none of them stand out like Harley Davidson, the unchallenged “King of the Cruise.” Aboard a Sportster 883cc, what was once considered just a “trip” becomes something else entirely, capable of not only transporting the rider in unmatched style, but quite likely affecting their outlook in ways unimagined.

2.The 2013 Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc – Regardless of the surroundings or circumstances, the approaching purr of a Triumph motorcycle causes heads to turn, a unique feature this British import has become associated with. Smooth handling and tight cornering are other features provided by the eye-catching 1050cc, which never fails to perform above and beyond what most 3-cylinder machines are capable of.

3.The 2013 Ducati Monster 659cc (L.A.M.S.) – To be able to fully appreciate the unique experience that only a finely-tuned motorcycle provides usually requires baby-steps, especially for riders just getting started. For those novices, the Ducati 659cc allows them to proceed at their own individual pace, while still giving them enough excitement and adventure to assure them they’ve made the right choice.

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