Tips for Buying a Used Golf Cart

Used golf carts can be purchased for a fraction of what a new golf cart would cost. This has made used golf cart sales extremely popular among young and new golfers who are still unsure of their interest in the sport. In addition, they are also great for homeowners with large properties or farms. Buying a used cart requires a certain amount of preparation and patience to find the perfect golf cart at the right price.

Electric or Gas?
Golf carts are either gas powered or electric powered. Electrical carts are going to be cheaper to run and require less maintenance than gas powered carts. If the battery is nearing the end of its life in an electric cart, finding golf cart batteries for sale will be the first maintenance chore after purchase. Gas carts may cost more to run, but the driver will not have to wait for the cart to recharge over a period of time. Instead, fuel can be added and it can be driven immediately. They also last longer on a single refuel than electric carts do on a single charge.

Dealers Versus Private Parties
A private party sale could yield a much lower price. In addition, the buyer can meet the individual who has been using the golf cart, allowing the buyer to ask specific questions that only the owner would have answers to. On the flip side, dealers tend to offer warranties, multiple models, and financing. Many also have a reputation to uphold, therefore they like to sell quality carts.

Tire and Canopy Condition
The tires and canopy may be in need of replacing, which might run the buyer several hundred dollars. Instead of colliding with this potentially expensive repair, check to see how worn the tires and canopy are. Sometimes, these are replaced before the cart is sold. Other times, they are in severe condition warranting a low ball offer on the cart.

Warranty Protection
Some dealers and private parties sell on an “as-is” basis. This means what the buyer purchases is what the buyer gets. This is not a good situation if the golf cart has serious underlying mechanical issues. An offered warranty demonstrates that the seller is confident that the cart is in mechanically sound condition.

Buying a golf cart can be just as tedious as buying a used car. If the buyer isn’t careful, he or she could wind up spending a lot of money on a piece of junk. Instead of looking at just one cart, a buyer should consider dozens in order to find the best deal in the area.

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