How to Save Money and Time as an Owner-Operator Trucker

After some experience trucking for a company, it’s tempting to become an owner-operator and virtually become your own boss. No more coming into work when someone calls you in, no more working more hours than you can comfortably handle — just you, your load, and the open road. However, being an independent trucker is probably more expensive and time-consuming than you expect unless you know how to save time and money.

Get Gas for Less

Instead of looking for trucking jobs one by one, contract with a transportation logistics company. One of the benefits of working with Landstar is you enjoy fuel discounts and your fuel surcharges are passed back. You even get discounts on tires. Stop driving from station to station looking for the best price and calculating the best routes between the cheap gas stations and your destination and just drive.

Choose From a List of Clients

Instead of knocking on doors and cold calling potential clients, work with a transportation logistics company that does all the marketing work for you. You simply select the routes that work best for you, and you can always rely on available work, so you needn’t worry about infrequent income again.

Enjoy Discounts on Extras

Contractors with Landstar also benefit from discounts on hotel stays and phone and data plans on their work phones. Not only will you not have to spend any time or money on marketing, but you can expect to pay less for these extras that are a necessary part of trucking.

When you contract with Landstar, you’re still your own boss because you select how often you work, but you won’t have to waste time finding clients or spend more money than you need to on gas and marketing. Try contracting with a transportation logistics company that supports the independence of the typical owner-operator and you’ll never want to go back to finding your own clients again.






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