Protecting Documents With a Password

Preventing other people from accessing your computer can be very important, especially if you are not the only person who uses your computer or if you have something that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. You can apply a password that will be required to open your documents in a few steps. Remember that there are two types of passwords: those required for opening a document and those required to make changes to a document after this document has already been opened. Now let’s move to the steps you have to take in order to apply your password.

First go to the File menu and select “Save As”. The “Tools” option will pop up and here choose “General Options” or “Security Options” You will see two possibilities: “Password to open” and “Password to modify”. Confirm your choice with “Ok” button. Microsoft will then ask you for another confirmation. Reenter your password again. You can enter the maximum of 15 characters in your password. Save what you have done already after the Save As dialog box pops up.

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