Spelling and Grammar

Those who write many articles know that spelling and grammar is important. Those who need some help with spelling and grammar may be interested to know that Microsoft Word has this great feature called ‘Spelling and Grammar’ that can help a lot those who want to write quality posts. You can get to ‘Spelling and Grammar’ options by either hitting F7 on your keyboard or by going to Tools on the upper menu and selecting Spelling and Grammar option. In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box you will see that the window is divided in two parts: ‘Not in Dictionary’ and ‘Suggestion’. Microsoft will one by one show the errors you have made and will suggest a solution. To correct your mistake, simply choose the suggestion from the list (by left clicking on it), then go to the right part of the window and click on the Change button. After you do it, the Word will move to the next word or phrase where you made an error.

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